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How to Choose the Right Rental Chair for your Event

Any one of these ABC’s can be THE most important factor in deciding How to Choose the Right Rental Chair for your Event. That is important to make sure that when you are renting your chairs that you choose a company that provides you with options of good, better, best – and within these categories have a selection of styles. Appeal, Budget and Comfort I have helped people plan events for many occasions – birthday parties, weddings, festivals, graduation parties, commencement ceremonies, and so many more. Over time, I have learned that there are three things that are most important to people when making their choice – I call them the ABC’s of chair rentals. Let’s start with Good Rental Chairs… Poly Vinyl Folding ChairBistro Chair An extremely popular choice for graduations, festivals, or causal backyard events are Vinyl Folding Chairs. These chairs are an upscale version of a traditional folding chair – but instead of the metal back and seat – they feature a vinyl back and seat. They look nicer than a standard folding chair and can be used indoors or outdoors. These are a top contender for budget and they aren’t bad in the comfort area either unless you plan to sit all day. Another Good Chair is a French Style Bistro chair. Bistro chairs are made of molded plastic, have a curved back and a rounder than average seat. If comfort is your top ABC, then this chair is the perfect sit. Let’s Move on to Better Rental Chairs… Padded Folding Chairs Padded Folding chairs are perfect for any event or formal gathering. The convenience of having a folding chair with a comfortable pad is what puts this chair in the ‘Better Category’. The wider legs are great for outdoor weddings or events without giving your guests that ‘sinking feeling in the grass. Conference Chairs are names appropriately. With lush padding on the seat and back mounted on a metal frame, these chairs a great for a long sit. In meetings it will keep the guest listening to the speaker rather than arching their backs to stretch. These chairs are also classy enough that they could be used at dinners or receptions. And now, onto the Best Rental Chairs Chiavari ChairX-Back Chairs Chiavari Chairs are synonymous with style and elegance. These chairs have even been used at White House State Dinners. Designed with each component made for the specific stresses it will carry, these chairs will wow you guest with craftsmanship and comfort. X-Back French Country chairs with removable padded seats are an upscale option to traditional wood folding chairs. Whether you are looking for a rustic feel or for the most elegant of events, these stackable chairs are a popular option and very comfortable. Always keep in mind, it is your day…Choose whatever will make you happy and don’t forget the ABC’s when you decided How to Choose the Right Rental Chair for your Event. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more Blog Posts.

2021 Wedding Trends

2021 Wedding Trends Tent Rental

2021 Wedding Trends Without a doubt, the pandemic has had an impact on almost every facet of our lives.  2020 saw the cancellation of many normal events as our states went into shut down mode.  Couples who had planned weddings had to cancel or postpone until 2021 are embracing the idea of shorter guest lists and more personalized attention to each individual.  The creative wedding trends of this year embrace both the celebratory nature of marriage as well the need to provide safety and social distancing at the wedding reception.  Here are some fun 2021 Wedding Trends that have developed because of our ‘new normal’. #1 Outdoor Weddings With the desire to maintain social distancing and be in an area where fresh air is abundant, the number one wedding trend for 2021 is tented weddings.  A wedding tent rental can create a venue for your big day in your own backyard.  With versatility in shapes and sizes, a wedding tent be customized to include anything your heart desires. Outdoor brunch weddings are also trending so couples can take advantage of the natural light while enjoying the shelter the tent is providing overhead. #2 Reception Trends A huge emphasis has been placed on providing alternative entertainment at the reception.  Although a DJ is still the first choice, consider additional ways to entertain guests who may not be comfortable going out on the dance floor.  Some popular choices are stand-up comedians, karaoke, photo booths, backyard games, bounce houses for the kids, illusionists, and live painters.  The idea of this trend is to entertain guests who prefer to be at their table and providing alternatives for those who may want to be outside. Another big trend is mismatched tables, chairs, and linen colors along with unusual floor plans.  The idea behind this trend is to create social distancing as well as seating families or groups who live in the same household together.  It will not be unusual to see tables for 4, 6, 8 or 10 people at any wedding reception.  Do not worry though, this style still photographs beautifully. #3 Food Serving Trends Plated dinners have become the pattern for many wedding receptions to avoid crowds at a buffet line.  Because of fewer guests at many weddings who typically know the couple well, this intimate restaurant-style of dining has led to a trend of ‘mini-toasts’ where each guest shares a memory of the couple throughout the meal. Appetizers have evolved to provide them to guests without having servers wander through groups with trays.  Bento boxes or mini picnic baskets with an appetizer selection for each guest have become popular, as well as individual charcuterie boards for each guest served at their table. #4 Welcome/Celebration Boxes This concept is to provide each guest with an individual box at the start of the wedding which contains items such as hand sanitizer, customized masks, favors, wedding programs, or anything else you would like to add.  This gives each guest untouched individual items rather than having […]